Urtinotherium Paraceratherium Lucas and colleagues had reached similar conclusions in a previous analysis of Forstercooperia, wherein they still retained Paraceratherium and Indricotherium as separate genera. Calculations have mainly been based on fossils of P. The weight of Paraceratherium was similar to that of some extinct proboscideans , with the largest complete skeleton known belonging to the steppe mammoth Mammuthus trogontherii. Taylor and Mathew J. The atlas and axis vertebrae of the neck are wider than in most modern rhinoceroses, with space for strong ligaments and muscles that would be needed to hold up the large head. The rest of the vertebrae were also very wide, and had large zygapophyses with much room for muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves, to support the head, neck, and spine. The neural spines were long and formed a long “hump” along the back, where neck muscles and nuchal ligaments for holding up the skull were attached. The ribs were similar to those of modern rhinoceroses, but the ribcage would have looked smaller in proportion to the long legs and large bodies, because modern rhinoceroses are comparatively short-limbed. The last vertebra of the lower back was fused to the sacrum , a feature found in advanced rhinoceroses. Unlike such animals, which tend to lengthen the upper limb bones while shortening, fusing and compressing the lower limb, hand, and foot bones, Paraceratherium had short upper limb bones and long hand and foot bones—except for the disc-shaped phalanges —similar to the running rhinoceroses from which they descended.

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Talk about a catch! Some of you may recognize him from the description. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The true intention here is to raise awareness about the dire state of the northern white rhinos and to raise funds for conservation efforts.

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But in this case the rhino — which had been dehorned to protect it from poachers — has lost the one deadly weapon that would have seen it fend off the jaws of the attacking hippo. The footage from South Africa shows an intense stand-off between a hippo and a rhino Unable to gore the hippo with its missing horn, the rhino is forced to give ground and it is literally bulldozed backward into the water and rolled over onto its back by its attacker. The hippo ,having taught the interloper a lesson, backs off but tragically the rhino is unable to right itself in the glutinous mud and thrashes helplessly in the water until it drowns.

Another hippo arrives on the scene and the pair square up to the rhino ‘We arrived at a dam to find a rhino on its way to get a drink. It seemed to be pretty dry, and this could have been the major cause for the hippos being over protective of the waterhole. As the hippo pushed the rhino into the water, a feeling of adrenaline took over, next was complete and utter shock mixed with disbelief. As the rhino backs away from the angry duo, the first hippo opens its jaws and pounces on the intruder ‘Never in a million years did I expect to see anything like this in my life.

The rhino didn’t stand a chance under the hippo’s sheer force. This is a very rare, rare sighting indeed.

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See these examples on Flickr. On the other hand, an inexpensive tripod is worth getting, especially if you have shaky hands like mine. When I got a tripod, my satisfaction with my shots skyrocketed. Keep your camera with you all the time. Photo ops often come when you least expect it. If you can keep your equipment relatively simple — just a small camera bag and a tripod — you might be able to take advantage of some of those unexpected opportunities.

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Richard Vigne, the conservancy’s chief executive officer, said: The year-old and his last two female companions are unable to breed naturally because of issues that include old age. Sudan’s profile told a bit of background information about the rhino, explaining that he’s the last male white rhino on Earth. And, when users swiped right and ‘Matched’ with the animal, they were directed toward a page where they could make a donation.

An animal reserve in the Netherlands is having apes respond to images of their fellow creatures on a tablet, a programme dubbed ‘Tinder for orangutans’ by the Dutch press. But, tablet screens aren’t yet strong enough to withstand a swipe from an orangutan, and even those reinforced with a steel frame have met an untimely end.

In April , Sudan made headlines as the most ‘eligible bachelor in the world’, when Tinder, together with Ogilvy Africa, featured him on the dating app as part of a huge fundraising campaign.

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World’s last male rhino getting help from Tinder dating app

As isolated as he is, even a cursory search through recent history reveals any number of heartbreaking last-of-a-kinds. The latter wiped out the dinosaurs. Humans have bludgeoned, battered, hunted, fished, and driven countless animals into extinction.

Apr 25,  · In his Tinder profile, Sudan is described as “one of a kind” — and that’s not a baseless boast. He’s the last male northern white rhino on the planet and, as his profile explains, “the.

John Hume, the owner of the world’s biggest private rhino herd, was handed a licence to auction the horns after winning a court case against the South African government. South Africa is home to more than 80 per cent of the world’s rhinos, whose population has been devastated by poaching for buyers in Vietnam and China where it is coveted as an ingredient in traditional medicine. Mr Hume, a game farmer with an 8, hectare ranch in the north west province, owns a strong herd. He has built up a stockpile of rhino horn as he regularly cuts them off his herd to protect against poachers.

John Hume, the world’s largest private rhino owner and breeder at his farm in South Africa Credit: Following a spike in illegal rhino poaching, South Africa banned the local sale of horn in

Angry hippo DROWNS a rhino as it defends its waterhole during a drought in South Africa

Rhino returned in Hulk , vol. The character achieved significant exposure in the s and s, appearing in both a solo capacity and as a villain for hire in over a dozen titles. Fictional character biography[ edit ] Aleksei Sytsevich was a thug who worked for Eastern Bloc scientists. The scientists subjected him to a process which gave him an artificial skin covering which granted him superhuman strength. He is subsequently hired to kidnap Colonel John Jameson in order to obtain extraterrestrial spores to which Jameson has been exposed during a space mission.

Paraceratherium is an extinct genus of hornless rhinoceros, and one of the largest terrestrial mammals that has ever lived from the early to late Oligocene epoch (34–23 million years ago); its remains have been found across Eurasia between China and the is classified as a member of the hyracodont subfamily Indricotheriinae.

Heartbreaking video shows the last male northern white rhino: Conservation charity Helping Rhinos shared footage online of Sudan, who previously joined Tinder as “the most eligible bachelor in the world”, sitting alone in his reserve. There are just two females left in his sub-species, which is “all but extinct” and the rarest mammal in the world, according to the charity. Helping Animals said on 9 November: The last male northern white rhino, Sudan.

But we’re not giving up It was hoped that the climate and rich grasslands in Ol Pejeta, a native habitat for the rhinos, would improve their chances of breeding.

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Sudan is the only remaining male northern white rhino on the planet. The funds raised will go towards ongoing research into Assisted Reproductive Techniques ART by a consortium of institutions. Once perfected, this technology, in particular in vitro fertilization IVF , will aid to achieve successful pregnancies to gradually build up a viable herd of northern white rhinos.

Please donate generously and help us save the northern white rhinos. Wherever you are in the world, there are many ways to support us.

Paraceratherium is an extinct genus of hornless rhinoceros, and one of the largest terrestrial mammals that has ever lived from the early to late Oligocene epoch (34–23 million years ago); its remains have been found across Eurasia between China and the is classified as a member of the hyracodont subfamily Indricotheriinae.

World Agence France-Presse Updated: May 12, A Sumatran rhino gave birth to a female calf at a sanctuary in Indonesia on Thursday, taking the critically endangered species a step further away from extinction. The baby was born at 5: It was the second baby born to rhino Ratu. Her previous birth four years ago marked the first time a Sumatran rhino had been born in an Asian breeding facility for more than years. The new calf and Ratu, whose name means “Queen” in Indonesian, were both in good health although the mother looked “exhausted”, the government said.

Ratu was observed stretching in her maternity pen in recent days, a signal her long-anticipated delivery was nearing. The birth took around two hours. Just two hours after being born, the calf — which has not yet been named — began walking and feeding, according a statement from the forestry ministry. The birth “demonstrates the government of Indonesia’s commitment, in cooperation with the Indonesian Rhino Foundation, towards rhino conservation efforts in Indonesia,” it added.

Under threat Sumatran rhinos are extremely rare, with just believed to exist in the world. The birth is a major boon for the species, which last year was declared extinct in Malaysia. Ratu, a wild rhino who wandered out of the rainforest and into the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park a decade ago, had become pregnant after meeting with Andalas, a male rhino at the park.

Tinder (app)

Science Researchers create hybrid northern white rhino embryos Berlin zoologists have succeeded in producing living rhinoceros embryos from stored sperm of the northern white rhinoceros. The breakthrough nourishes hope of bringing the nearly extinct species back to life. Both are descendants of Sudan and live in Kenya, and were considered infertile. But now, new hope is emerging that extinction of the species can still be prevented. Poaching has driven the northern white rhino to the brink of extinction.

The health of the last surviving male northern white rhino in the world is deteriorating, raising fears the subspecies will soon be completely extinct.

The Most Eligible Bachelor. These are some of the affectionate epithets that were bestowed on Sudan over the years. Born in the wild in Sudan in , Sudan has subsequently evolved into a legend — in part due to his status as the last male member of a rhino subspecies. The move was prompted by the fact that northern white rhinos had been declared extinct in the wild in This left Sudan in an extraordinary position – the last male of his species.

After all, in human years, he would today be approximately 90 years old. In , Ringo, an abandoned southern white rhino calf, was introduced into the Endangered Species Enclosure. Tragically, Ringo died an early death in , leaving Sudan once again without a companion. Despite his later inability to breed, there is no denying that he now goes down as the most prolific rhino ambassador in history.

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